Feelings Tot Book

This is a fantastic little Tot Book that I found at the 1+1+1=1 website specialising in Tot Books, masha’Allah. My daughter, having just turned 3 years old is at that stage where a book like this is perfect for her, and we made a day of it putting this tot book together.

Above, you can see how the tot book is laid out

I started off with making the front cover and once the images were pasted down I got my daughter to look at the faces on the front cover and tell me how she thought they were feeling. I did have to laugh when she thought the ‘angry’ character with gritted teeth was “really happy” LOOL!

**I should say at this point, that from an Islamic perspective I don’t agree with the drawing of facial images but I follow the opinion stated by some of the scholars that it is permissible in the case of eductating  very young children. This was something I also went through with my older kids and now at the ages of 6 and 7, they both understand why we no longer draw the facial features.**

First up, we made this ‘Smiley’ pocket with lots and lots of different ‘feelings’ cards. The cards are in pairs and we spent ages afterwards playing the pairs game and the memory game. Even my 2 year old daughter loved this tot book and was actively involved in playing the games too.

I printed out the pages to make this little book that teaches phonics as well as feelings, and we had quite a long discussion about the feelings depicted in this little booklet … the discussion on my daughters part went something along the lines of  “being chased by a tiger and being very ‘Surprised’ and then getting ‘Angry’ at the tiger for chasing me and then being ‘Happy’ when the tiger said sorry” LOOOOOL! So you can see we used a bit of role play also to understand these different feelings.


I cut out the 12 Smiley heads that depict different feelings and put them together into the little pocket along with a small card with a list of scenarios where one can express how they might be feeling. For example, one of the scenarios state: ‘Someone took her toy, how is she feeling?’ So again we did a bit of role play.

I pasted down the page with the headless characters and then we played around swapping the Smiley heads around to show how the two characters were feeling. The only confusing thing is that because the characters are holding hands it is hard to show when they are angry or upset. Anyway, my daughter still understood well enough.

Next I put together this 5 page booklet which depicts real life faces (as opposed to Smileys) which cover quite simple expression of emotion: Happy, Scared, Angry, Suprised, Sad.

Then came my daughter’s favourite bit … COLOURING!!! She coloured 8 Smiley faces with different expressions and then I cut them out and put them into the little pocket.

Finally she completed the back cover of the tot book with a picture of herself. I got her to look in the mirror and asked her how she looked and how she felt and she said she looked “smiling”. I asked her why she thought she was smiling, and she said “because I am happy”. Masha’Allah!

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