Algeria Project: Poster

With my husband being Algerian, I thought it would be nice for the kids to learn a bit about their roots. And it just so happened that at the time Algeria had just qualified for the African Cup of Nations and the FIFA World Cup 2010 so we all of a sudden became very patriotic in our house LOOOL! With all the focus on Algeria I thought it would be perfect timing for a geography project, and our first port of call became ALGERIA.

The two older kids worked together on this poster.

My son worked on the flag while my daughter wrote up the history of the flag and what the colours represent.

We talked about the famous foods that are produced and exported from Algeria.

We looked at the geography and topography of Algeria, learning where the Sahara desert begins and learning where the famous mountain ranges are.

We learned the Arabic name for Algeria: Djazair, and we also learned a few facts about the country in comparison to the rest of the world. Then my son completed a quiz on Algeria and its border countries which involved some map reading.

We learned all the names of the countries that border Algeria and coloured-coded them on the map of Africa.

We talked about the Deglet Nour dates which is the most famous food export of Algeria and later on we did a seperate project all about dates.

Finally we made a small time-line along the bottom of the poster to give a brief understanding of the history of Algeria. The kids grandfather took part in the revolution against France, so they got to learn alot from both him and their father about the stories of the Mujahideen, masha’Allah.

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