Our First “Tot Book”

Yes, it’s true … I am officially a lapbook addict. So much so that I have even got my three-year old daughter started on the latest craze in lapbooking for little ones … TOT BOOKS 😀 

Never heard of TOT BOOKS? Well they’re simple really, it’s just a smaller and simpler version of a lapbook. More suited for pre-school kids. This particular tot book has an ocean theme. I found the templates at this wonderful website dedicated to TOT BOOKS. There are lots to choose from and there are plenty of tips and ideas if you want to make your own.

There are lots of things that you can add into a tot book. Things to do with numbers, colours, shapes, card games, puzzles and more.

Seeing as this was an ocean-themed tot book, I thought it would look pretty laid out on metallic blue card.

This pocket and cards were not actually part of the templates included in the Ocean Theme pack from the Tot Books website, but I thought it would be fun to make up some little picture cards of creatures from the ocean. My daughter thought it was fun too, she loves them and knows most of their names now already, masha’Allah. We also sat down and watched some video clips online showing the animals in the wild. I think the turtle is her favourite. I found a lovely clip of a Green Sea Turtle swimming in the ocean here. (You may wish to turn off the speakers as this clip contains music)

These little cards are good fun, even my 2 year old daughter joined in. We used them to make matching pairs and we also used them to play the memory game where all the cards are turned over face down and each child takes a turn to pick up one card and then another to see whether they can find a matching pair.

Again, this jigsaw puzzle wasn’t included in the templates from the website pack, but I saw something similar in other tot book packs and decided I would have a go at making one myself, and I think my daughter was very glad that I did. She loves this puzzle and sits for ages playing with it. To make it I looked for a nice picture online, pasted it into a MS Word document and enlarged it to almost A4 size before printing it on thick photo paper. I cut it into 6 blocks to make it easy for her to put together.

This little accordion book is probably very popular with most toddlers, and was another of my daughter’s favourites. She loves colouring and knows most of the colours now, so she found this little exercise very enjoyable.

This is another nice little book that can be useful as an introduction to phonics. Obviously, it doesn’t contain the complete alphabet because that would be too much for little ones. It contains about 8 pages, which are printed, cut out and then stacked and stapled.

This is a lovely little book to help teach number recognition and counting. Again it is simply printed from the template, cut out, stacked and stapled. This particular book counts up to 5. My daughter can actually count up to 20, masha’Allah, so this was slightly easier for her but she loved it all the same.

I am currently waiting to hear about a nursery placement for my 3 year old in an Islamic nursery, but seeing as placements are snapped up so quickly I thought I would give her a head start by doing some of these activities with her, and tot books are a perfect way to teach her and entertain her all in one. If you want to know more about tot books, what they are and how to make them then please visit Tot Books & Tot Packs.

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